Our coaching ethos: Fun first

At Brunel Bantams enjoyment is always the main priority. We are not setting out to generate winners – if we develop a good and competitive team in a certain year that’s great, but it is not the primary focus.

What we will try and do is through a series of exercises (and games of course, though Year 1s will not play against other clubs) develop the qualities inherent in sport – teamwork, good attitudes, and skills.

Kids will always want to dribble with the ball and that will certainly not be discouraged, as the best exercise for developing ball control is obviously having the ball at your feet. However, our ethos as a club is to develop a passing game where children are encouraged to keep looking around them, seeing where their team-mates are, finding space for each other, and simply being aware of all their available options – including, of course, dribbling!

Our aim is to generate teams that really understand football is a team game, whilst still having the freedom to express themselves individually. That’s an ideal that we will work toward…

But as expressed at the top of the page, football at this age is about having FUN. No coaching practice, drill or tactical preference will ever replace that.

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